Friday, May 26, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We left for San Clemente on Thursday evening around 8 pm. I couldn't figure out why there was so much traffic on the 210 heading East, until we got to this car fire on the other side of the freeway right at Citrus Ave.We couldn't believe it. And yes I admit we were one of the lookyloos. Any yes I understand it wasn't safe to video and drive, but we were so shocked and worried someone may still be in the car. Aside from the accident, we made it safely to San Clemente close to 9:30 pm.

Friday morning we left San Clemente and headed to San Diego. I had made appointments for Ryan and I at the Passport office at 11:30 am. So we left around 8:30, made a stop at the San Diego LDS temple. As we neared the San Diego County, I asked my girls to keep their eyes looking ahead out the front window. I knew that at any moment we would round the hills and see the white spikes of the temple. And so we did. When I was younger, on long drives to Utah, overtime we'd come 

We explored the Natural Reserves on the Coast of San Diego. I loved how green and lush everything is now due to the month of rain we've had.

Ryan found the perfect fanny pack to take with us on our trip to South America and the Caribbean.😂

Spring General Conference 2017

Not a bad day for the beach.

Don't mind my body laying there, but Audrey decided to give me a hot rock massage. She kept telling me to lay so still so the rocks wouldn't move.

Chance came down to hang with us for the day and stayed to play cards and hang.

Monday was the first time Ryan and I were able to get out for a walk/run. You can see his black spec behind me just to the right. It was a cooler morning, but still felt pretty amazing to be next to the ocean and breath in the ocean air.

On a day that wasn't hanging on the beach worthy, we decided to take the kids to Rock'n Jump in Laguna. All the girls loved it. There was something for every age to do.

Meeting up with our Monrovia friends, The Grahams, who moved to Aliso Creek.

Meeting up with Worsley Cousins

We left Doheny and venture to baby beach for about 20 minutes so Naomi could show Avery how she paddle boards in the bay. 

Not a bad view for mine and Ryan's 2nd morning walk/run in San Clemente.